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For Simple, Sturdy and Affordable, it’s Simplicity Sheds


200$ et 500$

With our floor made from 2x6 installed on screw jacks there is no need for ground preparation. You simply need to tell us where you want your Shed.


Simplicity Sheds manufactures sheds and garages from superior quality materials, well thought out and robust.

In addition to embellishing your garden space, all our products are aesthetic and solidly guaranteed. Our ultrasolide sheds and garages are at the best price on the market.

Treat yourself to superior quality at the best price on the market with Simplicity Sheds.

The windows and cornices are made of pine and aluminum. The steel doors are of incomparable solidity. All Simplicity sheds features adjustable and rustproof cylinders, making it easy to level your shed on the ground. The 2''X 6'' floors are built in one piece and 100% superior to the competition.

The Simplicity Sheds installer team has more than 20 years of experience in the assembly of sheds and garages.

SAVINGS on our competitive models. Competitive models are not build following the above specifcations

kits are also available

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