Shed and garage accessories

Roof Truss: Key Element of the Structure

The roof truss, discreet but essential, constitutes the fundamental framework of a construction. Made with precision and robustness, it ensures the stability of the entire roof. Its crucial role in the durability and solidity of the structure makes it an essential element, symbol of the union between tradition and innovation in construction.

Shed roof trusses

Available in different sizes (7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 feet) with a slope of 6/12, offer a robust and aesthetic solution for your outdoor projects.

Garage roof trusses

Available in various sizes (16, 18, 20 feet) with slopes of your choice of 4/12, 6/12 or 8/12, for a tailor-made solution to meet your needs.

D’autres grandeurs sont disponibles sur commande !

Structure de bois de cabanon

Our wooden structures are made from top quality materials!

The 16-inch spacing between the 2 x 4 uprights ensures unparalleled strength. structure from 8’x8’.

New, custom shed and garage structure.

Price example: 12×8 shed structure in 2×4 with roof trusses $728.80 +taxes.

Price example: 16×24 2×4 garage structure with roof trusses $2411.32 +taxes.

(Nos kit de structure inclut les murs avec les ouvertures ainsi que les fermes de toit)

Our price lists for shed and garage trust

Garage trust price 6/12

  • 14 feet – $82.80
  • 16 feet – $97.14
  • 18 feet – $116.44
  • 20 feet – $148.62

Shed trust price 6/12

  • 7 feet – $35
  • 9 feet – $40
  • 11 feet – $50
  • 13 feet – $60
  • 15 feet – $70

We don't go higher than 20 feet!

Our Doors and Windows!

Turn your self-build project into reality with our premium quality doors and windows, designed for easy assembly and long-lasting performance!

Our doors are equipped with a frame with a seal and anti-vibration seal, guaranteeing optimal protection against external elements while minimizing unwanted vibrations.

Nos fenêtres sont capées en aluminium peint par cuisson. Les vitres givrées ajoutent une couche de sécurité en empêchant les regards indiscrets.

Waterproof doors

Steel Doors! Available in a variety of colors: White, Black, Commercial Brown, Pebble Clay, Charcoal

Aluminum clad windows

Aluminum clad window with frosted glass! Available in a variety of colors: White, Black, Commercial Brown, Pebble Clay, Charcoal

Consult our list of doors and windows

Cabanon avec piscine

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