Specializing in shed manufacturing for over 35 years

Our sheds are distinguished by their careful design and exceptional robustness, offering unrivaled durability to withstand the most demanding climates thanks to the use of superior quality materials. Our recognized expertise in the manufacturing of garages and sheds guarantees quality solutions that stand out on the market.

Simple gable roof garages

Ideal for sheltering your car and storing your accessories safely.

Multiple door garages

Offering spacious space for multiple vehicles and more accessories.

Garden sheds

Perfect for storing your gardening tools and equipment.

Pool sheds

Elaborate solutions for storing your swimming pool equipment with complete convenience.

Multi-unit storage sheds

Designed to meet storage needs in collective housing contexts.

Cabanon modèle 1 - Brun et Beige

Personalized according to your tastes

For a simple garden shed, a more elaborate shed for your swimming pool equipment or a storage shed for multiple dwellings, Cabanon Simplicite offers a wide selection of models, colors and styles.

Adjustable jacks for perfect fit

The use of adjustable jacks allows the shed to be adjusted to accommodate variations in the ground caused by temperature cycles and erosion. These devices ensure that your doors will operate perfectly every time you use your shed over the years.

Cabanon cours extérieure

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